Crazy Statistic Shows CS:GO Players are Migrating to PUBG

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According to a look at Steam data, 55% of PUBG owners are CS:GO players and the average person now plays less Counter Strike as a result.

On the 28th of August, twitter user ‘Steam Spy’ posted a revealing piece of information. According to their post, 55% of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds owners are CS:GO players. These players would usually have played 50% more than average, and now they are playing 30% less Counter-Strike than the average person.

Expanding on their post, Steam Spy stated that the most engaged players of CS:GO and H1Z1, and the least engaged Payday 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 players are being pulled towards PUBG.

This seems a reasonable suggestion as all these games are first person shooters and share a competitive setting. The transition between the games is easy due to their similarities.

Meanwhile, Battlegrounds is in direct competition with H1Z1, where it seems to be winning the contest for most concurrent players, with an all-time peak of 862,413.

This also puts it above Counter-Strike where the all-time peak is currently resting at 850,485.

The similar teamwork and competitive nature of CS:GO and PUBG are the most likely causes of this shared player base, though other factors could be influencing their decisions.

55% of PUBG owners are CS:GO players. They used to play CS:GO 50% more than an average person, now they play 30% less.

Steam Spy suggests that the number of updates for the games is also affecting player retention. PUBG has been updated much more regularly and increased promotion on twitch caused an influx of interest in the game.

The casual setting and sometimes slower pace of PUBG has made it very popular with twitch streamers and this has certainly influenced their viewers.

Ultimately, this shows Battlegrounds has the formula right. A good mixture of competitive and casual fun and in-game shooting mechanics that feel similar to CS:GO. However, this is all at the expense of Counter-Strike.

This statistic displays how dominant PUBG has become in the FPS genre. Now with the professional scene making a highly successful debut at Gamescom, the game stands to further improve their standing.

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