N0thing on Cloud9 CS:GO Roster Change “There was internal conflict”

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author image by admin | 0 Comments | August 30, 2017

Jordan ‘N0thing’ Gilbert opens up about being benched from the Cloud9 CS:GO team and the internal issues the team faced.

The new season of Counter-Strike has begun, and during the player break many roster changes occurred. Cloud9 was one of the teams who made such changes in preparation for the new year.

Cloud9 replaced both ‘n0thing’ and his teammate Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek with Will ‘Rush’ Wierzba and Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik from the old OpTic Gaming Line up.

Shroud left the team to pursue a streaming career, while n0thing has stated that he had received offers from other teams, but that he needed to take a step back and observe his options before he thinks about moving forward.

N0thing posted a video to his YouTube to update his followers on his situation and to offer some explanations for him leaving.

During his explanation of why he has been benched and what happened within the team, n0thing said that he had seen it coming after some internal conflict within the team.

”Back during the summer run, a couple weeks before it ended, I kind of felt there was definitely an internal conflict within the team. Things like that are kinda bound to happen, you got different age levels, different maturity levels, so stuff like that is bound to come up.

With that being said, over the break I wasn’t sure. We definitely has some things to address and then obviously the announcement came. That’s now in the past.

I appreciate all the concern for me, but I kind of felt it coming. I didn’t know what form it would come in, but I felt a change coming.”

After a 2017 of mixed results, Cloud9 was understandably frustrated. This appears to have lead to some internal issues and may have caused the roster move and n0thing to be benched.

N0thing answers a few more questions relating to his future plans, and stated that he is taking a step back at the moment to review his options.

Listed in his options was YouTube and streaming, along with potentially commentating for ECS, ELeague, Dreamhack and EPL.

Cloud9’s next tournament is DreamHack Masters Malmö starting on 30th August where the team will face SK and North in the Group Stage.

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